Travelling With Kids a Waste of Time and Money?

We are passionate about travelling. We’ve always been avid travellers, having grown up in the early pioneering days of the travel and tourism industry, voyaging into far-reaching places of the world. Since having our own children we have travelled the world extensively as a family since they were infants.

It seems that many people tend to think that travelling with children is a waste, as they may not remember the trips. Other people are reluctant to venture too far from home with children, so they avoid challenges faced in travelling with children. Firstly, get your kids to write  about their travel experiences. Journaling not only helps kids keep the trip alive in their memories when they re-read, it provides a great downtime activity. We love this ‘kid’s travel journal’ by Mudpuppy Press. It is light to carry and well set out for kids, so they don’t feel like they have a huge page to fill. Kids under writing age, can draw pictures, collect tickets, photos and brochures along the way to make a scrapbook of their travels. Our experience of traveling with young kids has been quite different to what most people think and for us and many people we have spoken with who do travel with kids, we all concur that the overall benefits, far outweigh any challenges.

We have found travel to be a great catalyst for many desirable changes in childrens’ behaviour- one child stopped wetting the bed, and others gave up bottles, pacifiers, tantrums and favourite cuddly toys. We even had a three month old infant who stopped screaming 10 hours each an every day, thanks to the Fijian heat and wonderful Fijian women who sang her to sleep ( and Mommy too)- this, all during trips away. No wonder we have positive associations to travelling with kids!!

We believe that travelling with your family is not just a vacation or holiday. It is a great opportunity to relax, enjoy each other, learn and grow together, providing an integral component of your little person’s early experience and education. It broadens a child’s view of the world and there is nothing for parents quite like experiencingtravel through the eyes of your child. They see stuff that you would never notice. Travelling with your family is wonderful experience, it gets parents away from their usual distractions creating a space to spend quality time with your kids. I think most importantly, travel helps shape young children into who they will be as they grow and find their place in our awe inspiring world.

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