Life Lessons at Orchid Villa, Ubud.

orchid villa ubud bali

We’ve just spent an incredible few days learning about life and nature with Rick Pursel who runs a sanctuary for humans at his home-stay villas, Villa Orchid, outside Ubud in the lush hills of  Bali.

Rick’s a fascinating guy. One of the few individuals who really walks his talk when it comes to living with a spiritual focus. His motto- Cause No Harm. This applies firstly to yourself, then to other people, animals, equipment, and our environment.

We originally went visited Rick and Lita’s home-stay for lunch when staying in Bali by the beach last year. We actually hadn’t considered staying up thinking that the kids would enjoy the beach more. Wrong!! The short story is that they wouldn’t leave after lunch and we ended up spending a couple of nights at Orchid Villa. For this past year, the kids have been begging to return to Orchid Villa’s magical garden.

The property has several garden villas and two side by side rooms with open air bathrooms and beautiful views over the valley which is perfect for families. One of the highlights for the children was Rick’s guided walk through local traditional farms teaching the kids and adults about the food grown locally– essentially showcasing everything which had appeared on our breakfast menu that morning! – chocolate / cocco and coffee plants, pineapple, sago, snake fruit, pappya, rice padi’s, ducklings, fish swimming through the rice padi’s, piglets, cows, citrus, chickens. We saw how the local people live and work their land and store the food. Stunning and fascinating. The walk took us just under an hour and just the right amount of time to engage the kids. One of the locals delighted by our appearance invited us to sit and chat for a while in his homes reception area. With offers of tea and food, politely declined we were once again on our way back to Rick’s magical garden as our kids affectionately describe it.

The garden surrounding the Villa’s at Rick’s place this wonderful location is like a maze of orchid filled secret gardens for children with flowing streams, dancing dragonfly, coy ponds, frogs, orchids, lotus, and a multitude of intriguing daily events taking place in the plant and animal kingdom.

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Just when we thought our lessons about the food chain were complete, our youngest daughter came to us saying “come, come! There is a snake eating a frog,” and so it was.

Half way up the tall palm hiding in the orchids was a little padi snake, that had caught hold of its weekly meal by the foot. The kids and mums prayed and rooted for the frog to use its powerful legs to leap to safety out of the clutches of this ambitious, deluded snake whos mouth was clearly tiny, in comparison to the size of the frog. However, it was us deluded!

Nature is incredible, and despite our attempts to rescue the frog, with Rick Pursell’s guidance, we all had a first hand guided experience of the food chain and nature’s wonders.