Destination targeted. Now how best to get there?

Planes, trains, taxis, cars and boats. There are often many ways to get to any one place. But which is the best one for your family?

Here we will discuss and review a variety of  modes of transport to not only get to your destination, but enhance the whole experience along the way. After all, the gift of travel is not just in the destination, but the journey along the way.


Our Best Tips for Travelling with Kids- Planning and preparation is key!

A great family holiday requires planning. Here is the first in a series hottest tips articles for traveling well with children. Kids do travel well!

1. Involve kids in planning trips and adventures. When children play even the smallest role in planning and organizing, the whole family’s enjoyment increases. Even little kids love to have their say and feel included. Older kids can research where to go and what to do, and share some responsibilities.

2.When planning activities, aim for balance between activity and rest, planned activities and free time. Co-ordinate travel during kids rest times, so they sleep at similar times to their normal routine within the new time zone. This is particularly beneficial to reduce the effects of jet lag, which can be hard on little kids. Balancing cultural, adult-orientated and kid orientated activities is also important. The key is to keep everyone happy. Mix museums in a day with other activities. Having said that, many cultural attractions like museums and galleries, and tours like The Big Bus tour in London, have specific activity packs that you can pickup, or download beforehand. My experience has been that if balanced appropriately, kids enjoy far more cultural experiences than adults dream possible.

3. Packing. Culling is key! Refine your packing list over the course of a week to identify what you will likely use, then go back over your list and remove everything you don’t absolutely need. Strike balance between what you think you need, free space in your bags, and tough airline weight restrictions. Pack your bags early – a couple of days before you leave is ideal time for a couple of culls reducing clothes and shoes. Handwashing and hotel laundering is invaluable. The less you take, the easier it is to find and manage the stuff, and more space you’ll have to collect treasures along the way. Pack toiletries in travel-size containers, and remember: you can usually pick up most things you will need along the way. Part of the fun of experiencing your destination from the feminine perspective is checking out what the locals use. Keep your list in your suitcase for the next family trip and modify as kids needs change.

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4. Get kids to make their own packing lists and have their own bags. It’s a great opportunity to teach children how to make decisions. A wheeling international carry-on size bag is perfect to keep all their belongings in, even for extended trips (we recently did 5 weeks, 3 kids and two climates). Keep space free for new treasures. It teaches kids responsibility, it’s easier to find things, and provides the perfect reason to refrain from buying everything they see. They quickly learn how to prioritize what they need in terms of the space required to carry it. Give the kids their own backpack to store their gear for travel on planes, cars, trains etc and during day trips. Carry water, snacks, toys, books and jackets. Less jobs for adults and life skills for kids.